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It was a Sunday, of course, everyone was closed. I called after 6 p.m. and Dr. Rand was at our home within the hour. Dr. Rand truly cared for our yorkie, which is like our child. I am beyond grateful for her passion for other pets and the care she displayed for ours today.
Brandy C.

Dr. Rand is incredibly compassionate, professional, and kind. She made the loss of my beloved cat as smooth and peaceful as it possibly could have been for both of us. I highly recommend her!
Vanna D.

Dr. Rand is amazing. she was at our home within an hour on a Sunday after 6 p.m. you can see the passion for pets in everything she does.
Keith C.

Dr. Rand managed the care of our 15 year old chocolate lab, including arthritis and canine cognitive dysfunction. She gave her several extra years of quality life. When quality of life became an issue, Dr. Rand provided peaceful, and respectful, in-home euthanasia. Dr. Rand also arranged after-care which included transportation of our beloved pet’s body and cremation. We are so thankful that saying goodbye to our furry family member was made easier by Dr. Rand’s kindness, competence, and professionalism.
Elizabeth W.

She is very knowledgeable, compassionate & accurate about all aspects of her profession. Her “bedside manner” is on-point & honest with a sweet side. We don’t live in her neighborhood but we plan to make the 1.5 hr drive just so she can check out our little Mini-Schnauzer (11yrs old?), Rudy!
Sandy M.

Words cannot express what Dr. Rand represents to the animal community at large. I am a layman and speak in the vernacular; in other words, I’m not in her field. I’m a musician who met her in Austin when my aging cat at the time was about 17 or so. She left an indelible mark on our memory, however, and we did not realize at the time that this veterinarian would become an integral part of my baby’s palliative healthcare for his remaining 3 years on the planet with his mommy (me). I came back to that particular practice for a second opinion, as my intuition told me something was “not right” about my first visit there with the other vet. We came back a couple weeks later, and Dr. Rand allayed all of our fears and put Kiorh on an arthritis medication that was safe (she thoroughly explained it to me along with clinically backed studies) & this med got my baby bouncing around again for about 2 years.

Because she gave us her email, about 6 months later, we contacted her once more regarding bowel issues – he was having loose stools. She was quick in reply (surprising for such a popular vet who is still heavily in demand for obvious reason), and she told us what to do. We did it, and his symptoms abated for a long time.

About a year later Kiorh and I moved back home to Florida and were doing well; however, he stopped eating one day and his stools were loose again. We took him to a locally revered vet and ran a battery of tests and days later received the worst results any pet parent can comprehend/fathom. We were told he may not make it another week. That he was in severe kidney failure and that he had intestinal lymphoma. I was at a loss – my cat, my soul mate, who was now 19, was as close a family member as anyone, yet something in my gut told me something was amiss. Although I thought of Dr. Rand, I hadn’t spoken to her in so long – yet alone seen her – reaching out to her didn’t even seem like an option.

But something miraculous happened. About 2 weeks later after this fatal diagnosis, I received an email from her, a rather random email, asking us how we were doing. It appeared (and I truly believe!), it was divine intervention that was taking place. I filled her in with everything happening and forwarded her his ultrasound report and labs. This is also a testament to her intuition (that I know she vehemently denies because she is such a GREAT clinically based doctor). But still, she does have it, as well.

She deciphered them astutely and most accurately and with her keen clinically trained eye she explained to me that he was not in kidney failure nor did he have intestinal lymphoma. In fact, the “ultrasound tech” who did his ultrasound that day wasn’t even a radiologist!

Under Dr. Rands loving, professional and incredibly profound expert care, my best friend lived for several more months – happily and comfortably with his mommy. We had a great time. Those months were some of the best months of our lives.

And Dr. Rand was always just a phone call away and in the end, she was there by our side. Kiorh passed away, naturally, in my arms, at home.

If you are looking for a vet who isn’t just “in it” for the money – if you are looking for a vet who goes above and beyond the “system” at play by ALWAYS attending lectures and reading the newest and latest scholarly articles on every possible condition pertaining to YOUR pet’s condition – if you are looking for a vet who actually CARES about saving your pets life as if it were her own, look no further…
You have found her! She is SO ethical she even feels uncomfortable asking her clients to leave reviews !!!

She is an angel on earth. And I’ve been told this by trusted sources… trying not to tear up as I write this.

We love you Dr. Rand. Losing a pet is never easy- never, ever. But in our case, I can’t imagine it happening in any other way. It may sound funny, but Kiorh’s transition was nothing short of perfection. In every way.

You gave us time. Lots of happy, healthy, comfortable, quality time. We have no regrets. I said I wouldn’t cry but I am.

What Dr. Rand does for her clients is ineffable. We were not special. SHE is special.

I’m sorry I made this a soliloquy, but brevity has never been my strong point. Haha.

Love you!!

Beth and Kiorh

A million cosmic stars ✨

Elizabeth D.

Dr. Rand is the best veterinarian my pets have ever been seen by! Her love and caring for animals is extremely transparent. She was very patient, kind, gentle, and loving to my dog and cat. I know because they told me so! 🥰
Huy D.

Living in Houston, I have many choices for vet options. I choose to drive to college station to see dr Rand. Dr Rand has great bedside manner and genuinely cares about her patients. She always gives you all of the options that you have. She gives tells you what the best option in her opinion is, but let’s you make the decisions for yourself. My dogs have never been excited to going see a vet(or having them at our house), till they started seeing dr Rand. She uses no fear techniques to help ease my pets anxiety. My current puppy dr rand takes care of.
Dawn M.

Our family had to put down our 6 year old Pitbull, Daisy, due to health issues, and Dr. Rand performed the euthanasia services. It was very hard for our family as we were close to Daisy, and she was still young for a dog. Dr. Rand came to our house so that Daisy’s final moments could be in a familiar and comfortable place with her family. She was very gentle and caring, and took the time to explain everything she was going to do. Growing up I had to put a few family dogs to sleep, and it was always in a vet’s office where my dogs were uncomfortable and nervous. When Daisy passed she was very comfortable in our home and surrounded by her family. Although we were very sad, it was really special that she was able to go out that way. I would highly encourage home euthanasia for anyone who has an animal that is suffering and in need of being put to sleep. Our family greatly appreciates everything Dr. Rand did to make a sad day a little more bearable.
Eric S.

I love doctor Rand. She is a very reasonable and caring Veterinarian.
Maria F.

We recently said goodbye to Andy, my 14-year old Schnauzer. Dr. Rand came to my parents’ home to examine Andy and help me make the best decision for him. We had never met her before and only contacted her because it was the weekend, and we were worried to wait until our regular veterinarian’s office opened on Monday. It was the best decision I could have made, and I will be forever grateful that we met her. She was patient and kind, and she explained things thoroughly, making sure we understood everything. Andy wasn’t himself and had practically stopped eating and drinking altogether. He was in pain, so we decided that euthanasia was the best course of action. Dr. Rand was exceptional in her care of Andy, and she was even more so when it came to my family and I. Losing a member of our family was devastating, but I truly believe that the process of saying goodbye was as peaceful and positive as could be expected, all thanks to Dr. Rand. It takes a special person to do what she does. You can tell that she is truly passionate about her work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Amber M.

I’m left speechless at how selfless, ethical, and helpful she was! My baby cockatiel Boo was bleeding out of her butt nonstop and she slowly died in my hands… until we found Dr. Rand. No other places were open or would take a bird in. She does not specialize in avians, but she was willing to try everything possible to save my bird. My Boo is safe and sound thanks to Team Rand. I was sure my baby was going to die! The Lord blessed us with Dr. Rand and I will be returning from now on.

Her morals and ethics are far better than those of any vet clinics who’s only interest is profit. She has a heart of gold and has a deep love for animals your regular vet would not understand. Not to mention the price for Boo’s procedure was extremely affordable in comparison to every other vet I called. Give this talented doctor a try!

Belle F.

I just don’t have enough nice things to say about Dr. Rand. She is an angel in scrubs. From the initial and quite compassionate call with her answering service to hospice care and ultimately euthanasia and cremation, I found Dr. Rand’s professionalism, expertise and kind and caring nature absolutely flawless. I also just like her as a human being. She is a really good one. And of course our dog loved her too. I have never met a vet with both such extensive knowledge AND caring bedside manner. Like others have mentioned, she was able to come to our house last minute on a Sunday for our ailing Great Pyrenees. Dakota was elderly and also ginormous— making a visit to the vet in her last days a painful and traumatic experience that we were trying to avoid. Dr. Rand came to our home and spent HOURS discussing our options with us, coming up with a treatment/hospice plan and offering us solution after solution to help our dog in every way. She was honest with us about our pet’s stage and was a good advocate for her patient (our dog). She suggested a different med that would be more appropriate and compatible with her symptoms, and we saw immediate relief and improvement in our pet. She even helped us with oxygen, helped me carry my dog to relieve herself, an even brought us an advanced harness from her own home! Dr. Rand is the Mary Poppins meets Wonder Woman of Vets. The hospice care was the first time I had seen my pet comfortable in weeks, and the euthanasia experience could not have been more pleasant under the circumstances. My dog was able to be comfortable in our own home, we didn’t have to put her in any more discomfort by moving her, and all of her favorite humans were there. This may sound weird— but I think my dog really enjoyed it! Afterward, Dr. Rand was even knowledgeable and was able to help me with Viagen tissue preservation that I had pre-ordered and had a great rec for cremation that she arranged to meet at our home following the Euthanasia. It was a relief to not have to worry about one more thing during our distress. And finally— of course she’s even crafty and crafted Dakota’s paw prints for us in the living room!

This doc is the best of the best and knows the best of the best and most innovative information. I was impressed with her use of technology and ability to check in with her fellow peers for second opinions on the spot. She knows the most because she is willing to ask questions, seek out more options, and see what has worked best for other vets in similar situations. If only more doctors did this! Dr. Rand is every pet and pet owner’s answer to their prayers.

Burke R.

We proudly serve the senior pets of the Brazos Valley.

Dr. Rand is a mobile veterinarian offering house calls in the Bryan/College Station area. She is a certified hospice and palliative care veterinarian who specializes in end-of-life care, chronic illness, senior pet health, and in-home euthanasia.

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